Hadoop Online Training in Hyderabad

Hadoop Online Training in Hyderabad A Perfect Choice For Career Growth

Knowledge of Hadoop will make a sea change in your career. You can boost the career growth and get high pay packages with proper training and certification. The demand for Hadoop skills has surged, and IT professionals now opt for formal training in Big Data technologies. Different forecasts suggest that the upward trend in demand will continue to grow. Experts believe that adequate knowledge of this technology will benefit both experienced professionals and beginners.Online training from RCP Technologies Pvt Ltd on Apache Hadoop, will help you to be a part of this bandwagon. Our comprehensive training highlights the core areas and its implementation in different sectors.

Overview of training

The curriculum of our course is designed to meet the need of professionals. Flexibility, availability, and conveniences are three important aspects of our training format. Our training helps participants to learn concepts of Hadoop and Big Data ecosystem. You will be equipped with in-depth knowledge managing data sets and code with the aid of the framework. The curriculum of this training encompasses of Hbase, Apache Drill, MapReduce and Hive to name a few. Certified experts design the curriculum of this training. You can access our course round the clock all through the year from different parts of the globe.

Benefits for participants

Both in international and domestic market, there have been a rise in demand of professionals conversant in Big Data technologies. With our online training, you can get leverage in your career. The approach of our online training program makes it one of its kinds in this genre. You will

  • Learn to manage, retrieve, store and analyze clusters in Hadoop eco-system
  • Learn to analyze large data sets to highlight insights
  • Get insights regarding the development of Hadoop
  • Relevant cases and examples make the learning process easy and effective
  • Solving real-life problems and handling projects that are integral to this training provide hands-on experience

Know the outcome of training

Hadoop is the game changer for different corporates dealing with Big Data. Collating large data and analyzing those is easy with this technology. Different countries are facing the dearth of professionals who are conversant with this technology. If you want to create a niche in this arena, then opt for our Hadoop Online Training in Hyderabad. Our training aims at catering comprehensive knowledge on Big Data through innovative and underactive classes. Through our training, you will have an in-depth understanding of Hadoop ecosystem; write scripts for Hive, programs on MapReduce and implementation of Hbase.

Prerequisites for this training

Analysts with knowledge of this technology can analyze big data and form decisions based on it. For enrolling in this course, you need to have the basic knowledge of Java or different Object Oriented Programming language. Be it experienced or fresh data analysts, developers, and administrators may enroll in this course. Our training is designed for professionals who

  • Formulates architecture of projects by using the Ecosystem and other components of Hadoop
  • Develop programs for enormous data sets
  • It is perfect for professionals from programming background and want to improve the career graph

Guidance of experienced trainers

Experienced professionals with profound experience in this field formulate the curriculum of our Hadoop Online Training program. Our experts are certified and have experience in catering trainings to beginners and pros. Practical experience of our experts aims at catering superior quality online training. Use of top-notch interactive methods makes catering to professionals located in different parts of the globe easily. In case, you face any problem, our experts troubleshoot those and address your issues round the clock. Our dedication has made us a noted name in this arena. Now, without interrupting your work schedule, you can participate in this training with ease and improve your chances of a better career.

Important topics covered

Different topics included in this training program aims at providing an insight to professionals regarding Big Data. If you want to refresh your knowledge in this arena, you can also do so with our online course. Use of audio and visual content helps in explaining these topics seamlessly. Case studies and projects are also included in the curriculum. Topics covered through the online training programs are

  • Basics of Hadoop
  • Hadoop architecture
  • MapReduce Architecture
  • Developer Tasks and Administrative Tasks in Hadoop ecosystem
  • Hadoop Distributed File System
  • Hive Architecture
  • HBase Architecture

Register to enroll

All you need is an internet connection and a computer, and you can attend these training programs. If you want, you can record the training and refer to it later when you need it. You have to register with us for enrolling in this training program. Participants for availing the training have to log in with their unique email address and password. You do not have to worry about your personal and financial information as we have strict policies regarding it. Paying for the courses is easy online with major credit cards. You will receive regular emails regarding new training courses on Big Data.

Emphasis on convenience of participants

The convenience of participants is of utmost importance to us. You cab avail round the clock technical support from our staff if any need arises. It is always advisable to a book our services in advance. Different short-term classes are available, and you can choose one based on your need and career goal. Duration of these classes and their charges vary. If you want, you can also opt for fast track classed on this topic. Our techniques, pricing and course content provide is unparalleled to training courses catered by others. Prior to enrolling, you can even speak to our consultant.

Get comprehensive guidance

What makes us different from others is our strategy of affordable pricing of the training program. After completion of the course, we prepare our participants for job interviews.We help our student in preparing a resume and for telephonic interview. You can also get support from our professionals even after completion of the course. If you want to qualify the examination ane be termed as Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop or Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop then avail guidance from us. So, if you want to pursue a lucrative career in the arena of Big Data without interrupting your work schedule, avail our training at the earliest






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