What is Hadoop

Hadoop – An introduction   Hadoop is a framework of tools; it is not single software that you can download on your computer and say you have downloaded Hadoop.  So what is this framework used for? The objective of these tools is to support running of applications on Big Data?  Hadoop is an open-source set […]

Hadoop MapReduce Fundamentals

Hadoop MapReduce Fundamentals – Different ways of optimization   For today’s MapReduce Fundamentals, we are going to look into the subject of optimization. There are many different ways to optimize MapReduce and of course it’s critically important because we’re dealing with huge volumes of data and we sometimes may have some resource constraints particularly for being […]

Hadoop Explained An Overview

Hadoop – An Overview  Hadoop is an open source project that was created to make storage and processing of data in large amounts affordable to a big community of users. This is probably the first of projects that were designed to allow users to use cheap hardware and free open source software to utilize parallelized […]

The concept of pre-computation in Hadoop

The concept of pre-computation in Hadoop   The most classic example of pre-computation is the Google pre-suggest where Google provides suggestions and auto-completes the words and sentences as user types in the search term. And this is presumably the result of large-scale data analysis – what is the most likely search query given the first […]

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